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We hope that you like our webpage both in regard of content and in maneuverability and the availbe services. We like to give useful informations to our every new and recurrent visitor. For this, we persistently upload and improve it. If you have any remark, please let us know by e-mail or by our most suitable availability for you.

Our most typical fields of specialization are the following: 

1. Technological pipe-fitting 
2. Boiler fitting 
3. Welding (different process types, for X-ray or ultrasonic tests) 
4. Building and mounting of steel-constructions 
5. Completion of special operations only possible with industrial alpinist methods 
6. On-site fabrication or reparation of dividers, collectors, tanks and vessels 
7. Reparation, maintenance and corrosion protection of silos and buildings 
8. Demolition works